JUL-255 Madonna Exclusive - Marina Shiraishi - Directed By Nagae - An Adulterous Drama From A Historic Tag Team - Fucked By The Removal Man

JUL-255 2020-06-20 115分(HD版:115分)

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Film Introduction

It's been three years since I married my wife, Marina, and I'm a transfer family member, and I'm planning to move again this year. This time, I asked Mr. Ozawa, a senior couple who works at a moving company because of the joy of my school days. In the middle of moving, when I tell my hard-working wife to take a break because of her kindness, she seems somewhat dissatisfied. On the contrary, from the day I got on the truck bed with Mr. Ozawa, my wife was somewhat aloof. And on the morning of her wife's birthday, I hid in a cardboard box for a surprise and witnessed a shocking sight...

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