259LUXU-913 Luxury TV 893

259LUXU-913 2018-01-10 80min

Film Introduction

Minami Fujimoto spent her days busy with work as the sales of her jewelry shop were booming. Today, I came to shoot for Luxu TV for the first time in a while. She said, "I can't forget the sex with my ex-boyfriend who was S...", she experienced a rich and sensual world with an actor who has a reputation for intense play. It's already been a year since then. She also seems to have honed in on her charm as a grown woman. Her slender body, colored by her tight one-piece dress, is more radiant than before, and there is no doubt that she has captivated the men she met. Also, you can get a glimpse of Minami's heightened sense of beauty as a woman from this appearance. By the way, for her who is busy with her work, dating her man is secondary. Even if it is sex, it seems that it has been a long time. So this time, she changed her taste a little. First, in order for Mr. Minami to heal his daily fatigue, he gave me a massage using essential oils to loosen the stiffness of my whole body. You can enjoy rich sex playing with the actor in the shower room. Mr. Minami who has experienced this AV shooting twice where you can enjoy the pleasure that you can not experience in everyday life. With this third time, there is no doubt that the Eros hidden inside her will blossom again.

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