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259LUXU-401 2016-10-29 58min

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Film Introduction

Maika Mizuki is 30 years old. Her white, translucent skin is a perfect beauty with no negative points such as spots or wrinkles. She has a transparent look that makes it hard to believe she is 30 years old. Her outfit is a white sleeveless and tight miniskirt. A beautiful breast that can be seen from her loosely spread chest. The feminine white legs that extend from her miniskirt seduce men's hearts. Her style is slender and perfectly proportioned. She says she works as a certified public accountant, and even the aura she exudes is intelligent. Her motive for appearing is because, "In all the adult videos I've seen so far, the women who appear in them all look pleasant, and I'm envious...". It seems that her sex is full of motivation because it has been a long time. Such a girl takes away her plump and moist lips, entangles her tongue and gives a rich kiss. She sits on the sofa and uses the rotor to stimulate the pussy. The vibration of her rotor accurately captures her erogenous zones, and she feels it while biting her fingers and suppressing her voice. Her cheeks are blushing and she is writhing with tears in her eyes.

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553APLT-002 Seira

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