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Film Introduction

It would be very bad if it came out that I appeared in AV even though I was a school director. But I couldn't forget the feeling, excitement, and stimulating experience I had last time, so I left again. I haven't been able to have a boyfriend since then, and I haven't had sex since the shoot. There is masturbation as a method of sexual desire processing, but I have never done it, so I have no choice but to have sex. "Your legs are beautiful~" was praised and requested to be reassembled. To be honest, I'm confident in my style, so I'm happy to be praised. When I kissed him after a long time, my body became hot all at once. When the scruff of the erogenous zone is licked, the breath leaks unintentionally. Ah... my body remembered this feeling. I was thrilled when my hand reached out to her buttocks and stroked it with a delicate touch that could or could not be touched. I was told to try masturbating, but I'm embarrassed and I don't know how to do it. I thought that masturbation is good, so I want you to touch it quickly. When a muscle-bound actor gently licked me there, it felt so good that my body trembled. When I was licking my chestnuts while making a squeaky sound, my hips floated and I really got it. I had my finger inside so I knew it would close with a squeak. After that, I'm exhausted even though I've been made a lot of electric massage machines. By the time it was inserted, the inside was quite wet and it entered smoothly. Insertion after a lot of cum feels really good. Every time I was stabbed, it made a loud sound, which was disgusting and made me extra excited. I'm addicted to it, so I definitely don't want people at work to find out.

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hhl-005 N.T(22)

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